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Title Diploma collection by students who have taken winter courses in the first semester of Academic Year 2018

I.         Undergraduate graduands who have taken winter courses and met the requirements for graduation please visit the Registration Section on or from Friday, February 15, 2019 for collecting your diploma; for those studying at the Medical Campus, please visit the Registration Section at the Medical Campus at or after 1 p.m.

II.       Please first log in to the Information System to make sure that you have completed the check-out process.

III.     How to check: Information System Log in with the student No. and password Enter the System Select “For Graduating” Select “Status of My Check-out Process”

IV.     Students who are qualified for graduation and have completed the check-out process can collect the diploma by showing the student ID card (or the national ID card) and a personal stamp at the Registration Section. (If a student requests another person to collect his/her diploma, a signed letter of attorney, the national ID card of both the student and the agent, and the personal stamp of both the student and the agent are all required.)

Only when students have successfully completed the prescribed course of study (the prescribed duration of study is four years (eight semesters) for undergraduate students, one to four years for master’s students, and two to seven years for doctoral students) and satisfied the requirements as referred to in Article 37 or 49 of the Academic Rules of I-Shou University will they be conferred with a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree.

Please comply with the Copyright Act and do not get involved in plagiarism or cheating in your thesis/dissertation. Verified plagiarism, forgery or ghostwriting will result in the revocation of your degree.

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